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Pre-Clinical Science Lab/ Anatomy Lab The pre clinical science laboratory is designed with the purpose of helping the students to acquire knowledge of the normal structure and function of various human body systems and to identify any deviation from normal health in order to render effective nursing care. The aim of the laboratory is to educate the students to understand the normal body parts with use of models; specimens etc. and to co relate its function. This will enhance the student’s ability to understand the various disease conditions. The pre clinical science lab consist of all the equipment such as adult human articulated skeleton, adult skull, pelvic, heart with large blood vessels, eye with different section, ear with different section, full set of dis articulated adult human skeleton, specimen like face, small and large intestine, skin, heart, liver and different charts of all the systems. The lab is well furnished in such a way that the students are able to acquire their knowledge through their different demonstration.

Details of Laboratory Equipments :

Sl. No.
Particulars of Equipments
 Adult human articulated skeleton
2.  Skeleton with arteries and veins
3.  Spinal cord with inetrvertebral disc articulated
4.  Adult human skul
5.  Human brain model
6.  Heart and large blood vessels
7.  Digestive system
8.  Female reproductive system
9.  Male reproductive system
10.  Urinary system